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Newland & Associates, PLC

A business and tax oriented law firm located in Northern Virginia (Manassas), Newland & Associates provides individuals and small businesses with a diverse mixture of business, tax, and estate planning advice and services.

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Who We Are

In addition to our other staff, professionals, and consultants, the principal attorney is:

Tax Help Publications

In the past, Tax and Business Professionals, Inc., periodically published a newsletter called "Tax & Business Insights," while Newland & Associates published "Newland's Business Notes." Past editions of both newsletters are available here. These on-line editions may contain information not included in the printed editions. We also provide on-line copies of various informative materials about tax-related planning issues.

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We are happy to respond to comments and general questions about our website or the issues discussed in the materials posted on the site. We will charge a minimum fee to a credit card of $50.00 (US) for responding to questions about specific situations. In replying to such questions, we may be limited in what we can do because of restrictions on the unauthorized practice of law. Newland & Associates is licensed to practice law only in the state of Virginia.

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